Flip Out Sofa Cover – Goodbye Buzz and Woody


My little one was given a flip out sofa by his Nan, and he loves it. I think its great too, what I don’t love are the huge pictures of Toy Story characters all over it. After looking at it for months and thinking, I really should make a cover for that, this afternoon I decided to get around to actually doing it. I planned to make it out of mismatched African kitenge fabric, three different patterns but then I decided to use only two with some plain dark blue just to tone it down a little. I didn’t use a pattern, and it shows, but it does the job. Not using a pattern meant I had to put the cover on before each step, and figure it out along the way. A bit exhausting getting up and down constantly for a couple of hours, but it’s something I know I won’t need to make again. I know the brightness and boldness of this isn’t everyones cup of tea, but it goes pretty well with my colourful little home. And no Disney in sight!


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