A thank you to from Tanzania to some crafty Renmark ladies

After I returned from Tanzania from my last trip in 2011, a lovely Renmark woman donated some craft supplies for my next craft workshops on my next trip. Inside the big bag of crafty goodies was some crochet cotton, with which I thought I would easily learn to crochet and then pass the skills on.. but it didn’t work out that way. My squares turned into triangles, and somehow I always ended up with either more or less stitches than I started with. So rather than take over a bag of cotton with no knowledge of how to do anything with it, I put some notices up in my local library looking for people who could crochet them into something useful.

All was quiet, I really thought I’d be stuck with this cotton. But then couple of weeks before my departure I had a call from a lady from a craft group run in the Lutheran Church here in Renmark, with some great news. She and her group, as well as some crafters from the next town Berri, had come together and offered to crochet and knit the cotton, as well as some more cotton they would donate themselves, into very useful wash cloths for the mamas and children of Kesho Leo Childrens Village, an Australian run organisation Food Water Shelter.So just two days before I left Australia they were completed, and I was able to pack a bag of useful washers into my bags!

Thank you ladies! And asanteni sana from all at Kesho Leo x

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