60 Second Bubble Mix


This bubble mix recipe was given to me when my baby was small, so I don’t know where it originated from. I made some up this morning, after my toddler was exclaiming “bubbles! bubbles!” after breakfast, and the store bought bubbles had failed to produce even one bubble. I, and my bubble loving toddler are happy to report that it works! Nice strong bubbles which mostly even stay intact when they land on the carpet, or on my sons pyjamas, much to his amusement. And it’s quick and easy too!

~ 3 parts dishwashing liquid

~ 7 parts hot water

~ 1 part sugar

Mix all ingredients thoroughly (I didn’t shake it, just stirred it so that it didn’t turn to bubbles). Then it’s ready to use! Keep it in an airtight container, and apparently it gets better with age.

1 thought on “60 Second Bubble Mix

  1. Heather

    We use Joy dish liquid for these, and we make huge “super bubbles” using a fabric ring that slides along a short piece of stiff plastic tubing. Try karo corn syrup instead of sugar (lower water accordingly), and you might also try glycerine (if you have some) in place of one of the water parts — makes longer-lasting bubbles.Love your fabric projects! The camera bag is da bomb 🙂


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