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One Day In Nairobi with a toddler

I recently had to spend a couple of days in Nairobiwith my one and a half year old son on route to Tanzania. Not really because I wanted to, Nairobi does not have a reputation as being one of the safest cities in the world (it also goes by the name Nairobbery, and for a reason), but things just worked out that way.  Continue reading


I have been so busy since I’ve returned from Africa, and to get it all done I have set a new rule for myself: no computer until after dinner time, preferably after my little one goes to sleep.

So with all the time I am saving by not getting lost in the internet I have been making lots of new things, like phone and camera pouches, patchwork balls and nappy covers. My madeit.com.au shop is a mix of so many different things at the moment, proof that I get bored very easily and don’t make more than a few of each item.  Today I created two flat elephants, out of some of my African kitenge. Will I make more? Who knows. I have no plans, just to create whatever I am in the mood to make!