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New Design – Large Pram Snuggle

I have had lots of people asking if I make Pram Snuggles for older babies. I have had a design in mind for a while now but just not enough time to sit down and do it. But today after replying to an email and having to say that no, my Pram Snuggles probably won’t fit an 18 month old, I found some motivation, and put aside the housework to find the time to make one up and see if my idea would work.

The main problem I found was the length. For it to fit an older baby or toddler the bottom would have to be quite a bit longer than normal. The problem with that is it would touch the ground when open, and could get caught up in the pram wheels. So what I did was made it longer, but I folded the bottom up and joined the front and back together forming a pocket, kind of like a sleeping bag bottom. The pocket doesn’t go all the way up, just enough for it to stop it from touching the ground when it is opened up (you can see what I mean in the photo to the right). I have made it the same length as my foot muff/cosy toes attachment on my stroller which leaves a lot of growing room for my seven month old. 

Even with the bottom sewn up it still functions as a blanket, not a sleeping bag. They are easy to use: First, place the pram snuggle into the pram, then pull the harness straps through the holes and secure the Velcro tabs. Then sit baby in pram as normal, making sure their feet are inside the pocket (if their legs are long enough, that is!). The side flaps then fold over in front of baby. Bring the bottom section up, wrap around their lap and tuck in so that they are sitting on the wings of the bottom section, securing it with their weight. Being a blanket, it can easily be loosened if baby gets too warm.

I will be making these to order, in a limited fabric selection. I still need to work out a price for these – I will be able to do this once I decide on which fabrics will be best to use. 

What is a Pram Snuggle?

I have had a lot of new fans on my facebook page lately, so just thought I’d explain a bit about my business. I started making Pram Snuggles after talking to a friend about the trouble of keeping babies wrapped nice and warm while in a pram. I then made up a trial blanket, changed it a bit, tried out some different fabrics, and the Pram Snuggle was born! A Pram Snuggle is a specially shaped, very warm and snuggly pram blanket with universal harness holes that will fit any three or five point harness system in any pram, car seat or bouncer. Having harness holes means baby can be snugly wrapped while safely secured. 

Pram Snuggles are simple to use!
1. Undo the velcro tabs and place your Pram Snuggle in a pram, car seat or bouncer
2. Pull the harness straps through the holes, secure velcro tabs
3. Place baby in as normal, wrap side wings around baby, then bring the bottom part up and tuck into sides around your baby and under their bottom.
A Pram Snuggle is just like a blanket, so it will be held in place by tucking it in around and under your bub, but unlike a blanket, it won’t fall out of the pram.
The total length is approx 120cm. It is 60cm from the centre harness (the buckle that comes up between the legs) to the end of the blanket, this part folds up and tucks under bubs bottom so that their weight secures it, so the bottom part (from seat to feet) will be about 35cm when folded up.
Pram Snuggles are hand made so care should be taken with them. They can be cold gentle machine washed.