Kangas in Action in Tanzania

On my most recent trip to Arusha, Tanzania, I was determined to photograph more of the everyday scenes, especially the way mamas carry their babies on their backs (my favourite way of carrying my toddler).  Apologies for the not so great quality, I was too self-conscious to get my good camera out, and too shy to actually approach people to ask if I could take their photo. So that’s why they are all taken from the back, and they are blurry because of my dirty car windows!

Kanga as a wrap around skirt, baby is being carried in a kitenge or a scarf. Scarves are popular in the area for baby carrying at the moment, I seen so many. They were in plain colours with long fringing at the front where it is tied on the chest.

it’s not unusual for children to carry babies

A mama in a village just outside Arusha town

Sometimes its hard to spot the baby

Muslim women wear beautiful bright colours, and co-ordinate their baby carrying fabric. Beanies on babies are also very common, even in hot weather. It’s not unusual to see babies all rugged up in sweaters, socks, beanies and blankets on hot days.

I love this pic. Taken by accident, just at the moment the mama bent to reach something on the ground.

Bright orange kangas are in fashion right now

I like how they keep babies arms enclosed in the kanga. It would stop them from pulling hair and leaning back, and is something I can never manage to do when I carry my bub on my back.

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